Jan Jacob Stam

Jan Jacob Stam

The Netherlands

Jan Jacob Stam (1954, The Netherlands) studied biology and educational sciences. He worked as a school teacher, a manager in Dutch Telecom, partner in a consultancy firm and founded the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute in 2000. He also founded the Noorderlicht publishers, organized many conferences and wrote 6 books. Founder of TeamConnect. He has worked in over 30 countries.

“Deep inside I’m an explorer. Constellations and Systemic work help to gain new insights about this world and how living systems may flourish. The reconciliation potential of systemic work across boundaries and cultures makes me humble and grateful. Thank you, Bert Hellinger……”

Websites: www.janjacobstam.nl and www.teamconnect.global Email: info@awakeningthefield.com / info@janjacobstam.nl

Keynote session: Orders of Change

There is a lot of misunderstanding or unclarity about concept of change, seen from a systemic perspective. ‘Change’ is becoming a container concept and it seems to be worthwhile to unravel a bit the different forms of change. We can distinguish at least four levels of change: development, change and/or transition, reset, transformation. In brief: […]