Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis

New Zealand


Erin Lewis and Parehuia Mafi are from Aotearoa, New Zealand, and have created an organisation, Te Kawa Whaiora Trust. Translation : The natural laws of wellbeing. Their lives are dedicated to Te Kawa Whaiora, and it is the voyaging vessel they have constructed collectively to undertake the Love Revolution. The vessel is carried by a current of hopes and dreams for humanity, and powered by ancestral love, towards a shore where the grandchildren are standing with open arms to receive the gifts of a future full of abundance and potential.

Erin Lewis is of European descent, Pakeha, and is married to an indigenous, Ngati Porou man, together they have three adult daughters. She is a Systemic Constellation Facilitator and trainer of Constellation Facilitators in NZ, and also the author of “The Love Revolution, a meditation journey to self love”. Erin also has many years experience as a yoga teacher, and a trauma practitioner, and is passionate about helping others release the trauma they hold.







Belonging and MANA MOYUHAKE: “Where do I Belong?”

Mana Motuhake comes from the Ancients of the land of Aotearoa, New Zealand (NZ), who gave voice and name to the phenomena of being and connecting to place.  “I am. I am of Sky Father above, Earth Mother below, water, air, and all living beings are our brothers and sisters.” In the 21st century ‘Mana […]