Belonging and MANA MOYUHAKE: “Where do I Belong?”

Mana Motuhake comes from the Ancients of the land of Aotearoa, New Zealand (NZ), who gave voice and name to the phenomena of being and connecting to place.  “I am. I am of Sky Father above, Earth Mother below, water, air, and all living beings are our brothers and sisters.”

In the 21st century ‘Mana Motuhake’ has become a call of liberation and the commitment to freedom, connection and belonging to Source and place. Now, more than ever in NZ, and indeed the world, we are faced with the stark reality that comes with the ‘spiritual divide’ that exists and manifests as loss of Self. The recent legacy of Colonisation in our country, brings us face to face with this question daily as our people ask, “Who am I, and where do I belong?”

A new level of consciousness is emerging, as humans seek new (knew) systems to belong to.  We live in a world that is disintegrating, the old systems are unable to continue as new mental and social systems are emerging. There are three great divides which face humanity. Ecological, environmental destruction and the loss of natural resources; social, with poverty and wealth growing, and technology bringing us both connection and isolation; and spiritual, with the movement away from oppression to personal sovereignty. The challenge is to cross the divide, from the old systems to the new systems that are emerging now. But how do we stay strong ‘who we really are’, as we continue to move within our family and community systems? How do we get from here to there? How can we still belong, limitless and free from subjugation and the fractal patterns of ‘us and them’?

This curiosity is a movement towards unity, pushed by the human urge for belonging, order and balance.  The ‘Love Revolution’ is the mission of our sisterhood and our organisation Te Kawa Whaiora. We know the limitless resource which resides within, we know where our heart belongs.  Te Kawa Whaiora holds circle with youth, men, women, families, organisations, local and national government, using indigenous wisdom and Systematic Constellations. Our goal is always Mana Motuhake, the freedom from oppressive and suppressive systems that we belong to. The liberation of the human heart from subjugation brings restoration and revitalisation of the systems we belong to, enabling us all to live as our full potential.

In Constellation circles we create conditions that allow for a shift of awareness to happen, towards the emerging future. We invite you to explore with us the concept of Mana Motuhake, without the blocks of colonisation and disconnection. When we are sovereign and truly belong to ourselves, we then belong with others, belong with community, belong to humanity, and all spaces in between; water, sky, air and earth. Our organisation and collective heralds in a ‘new dawn’ where Mana Motuhake, peace and harmony is embodied and lived.