Zaquie C Meredith

Zaquie C Meredith

USA / Brazil

Zaquie C Meredith is one of the pioneers in Family Constellations in Brazil. She was one of the founders of the Brazilian Association Constellations. She has a B. S. in Sociology by the University of Sao Paulo and a degree in Healings by the Barbara Brennan School of Healings in N.Jersey, USA.

She was trained in Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger in Mexico and Brazil. She was also trained by W. Lorenz, Ursula Franke, Ingala Robl, Bert Isert and Albrecht Mahr in a Supervision course in England.

She gave several talks at banks, companies in Sao Paulo all over Brazil . She participated in the Round Table (Social Reach ) at the 2nd International Congress for Family Constellations in Mexico.

She gave workshops in Lima, Peru, Montevideo, Uruguay and Portugal (“Happiness Forum” ) on Family Constellations.

Zaquie conducted research for Rupert Sheldrake on Sensorial Perceptions and Energy Field (

She received the Prize of Excellency and Quality Brazil in 2013 by the leadership Brazilian Association. She wrote to a Brazilian newspaper for 5 years on matters of self-help divulging Family Constellations when it was entirely unknown. She wrote in 2010 ” The Consciousness of our Sensations and Constellations” published in English and being sold at in English and Spanish (El Lenguaje de las Sensaciones y Constelaciones). She also has 2 other books, a DVD on Visualization (with more than 380,000 views at youtube, a meditation cd being sold at Udemy, etc.

Workshop title:  The Mystery of the Energy field revealed

The Mystery of the Energy Field revealed

What is Energy Field. How it “appears”  in Constellations and what is important to observe. We all have an individual  energy field? Where does it come from and what is the difference between an individual or “collective ” energy field. What is its function  and what is the link between Energy Field and Spirituality? How […]