Poppy Altman

Poppy Altman


Poppy Altman has been practising and teaching as a homeopath for over 15 years in the private and voluntary sector, specialising most recently in mental health issues, addictions and eating disorders. She is a highly intuitive, empathetic and intelligent healer. An advanced apprentice on Barbara Morgan’s Coming Home training, she leads Family Constellations group workshops and offers individual constellations in South-West London. Originally from Richmond-upon-Thames in Greater London, Poppy still lives with her two adult daughters and her dog in this beautiful part of the world.



Róisín Fallon is a Family constellations facilitator and trainer. Having trained with Barbara Morgan in 2013, Róisín now works alongside Barbara as her assistant trainer and facilitates workshops in Lithuania and many parts of Ireland. Róisín also works with clients one to one, and is one of the founding members of Constellations Camp Ireland. She lives in Dublin with her four young adult children, some dogs and hens, who all participate in her ongoing learning process.



Workshop Title: Exploring the Diaspora and the question of belonging (with Róisín Fallon)

Exploring the Diaspora and the question of belonging

When we think of belonging to a country, what do we mean? The country where we are in the moment? Where our parents lived and were born? Where we were born? There are so many variables, and so many ways of holding different nationalities within ourselves. I come from Ireland, my linage on both sides […]