Nikos Vayiakakos

Nikos Vayiakakos

ISCA Communications & Public Relations (Greece)

Nikos Vayiakakos currently works as a Programs Director for the Life Alphabet System(a Social Cooperative Enterprise registered in Greece and certified annually by the Ministry of Social Affairs)and Publishing Manager for the Life Alphabet Editions. His scope of responsibilities includes the design, educational content, staffing and implementation of annual vocational trainings (150-250 hours), as well as experiential seminars and workshops (8-35 hours), and online synchronous web-learning courses coupled with asynchronous eLearning modules. The areas of  specialization are Systemic Phenomenology, Constellation Work, Systemic Consultancy, Self-Managed Leadership, NLP, Personal Coaching, Business Mentoring and Transpersonal Education & Research (DMP, Ancestors Work, Colour Psychodynamic, Colour Profiling).

On the publishing front, Nikos is involved with catalogue management, the acquisition of international rights to translate and publish specialty books in the Greek language, the design of each new publication, and launching/marketing tasks. The targeted segments of the market are young scientists/ entrepreneurs (25-35), business executives / managers / owners (40-60), and mature persons (50-70). Businesses and collective entities are served with equal importance to private individuals, as Nikos recognizes and values, more than anything else, human relationships and anthropo-centric processes in the work environment.

In February 2021 Nikos was elected as Communications / Public Relations Officer on the ISCA Board.

Hellenic Regional Chapter

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