Mette Nordahl

Mette Nordahl


For more than 16 years Mette Nordahl has worked with personal development. She has trained people since 2010 in the systemic method both family and organizational. For many years her focus has been on the younger generation and she developed the PAF concept in 2012 and it has since been introduced in many schools in Denmark. In 2018 PAF was represented at the IOCTI in Slovenia and in 2019 the first international training took place in Denmark. During 2020 PAF was introduced as an online training.


How to bring systemic awareness into the school system.

You will be introduced to the PAF concept and some of the exercises during the workshop. How to start the introduction of the systemic thinking to a school, the students, the parents, the employees and the leaders. How to impact the whole organization in the school.