Katherine Q Revoir

Katherine Q Revoir


As a constellation facilitator, Katherine Revoir touches many healing modalities. For the past 6 years she has facilitated online and in person Happy Brain groups that integrate family constellations with interpersonal neuroscience, Non-violent Communication, and depth empathy work. She offers individual, on line, and group constellations.

As a student and teacher, she combines the cognitive and social aspects of neuroscience as they apply to unraveling entanglements. She offered a workshop at the 2017 North American Systemic Constellation Conference, and has offered constellation workshops at the ISCA intensive in Germany and other conferences.

Katherine has been an artist for 50 years, and she draws creative cartoon visuals that help students understand how our brains connect with each other and what we can do about it. As a counselor, teacher, speaker, and ordained minister, Katherine brings others and herself to a deeper experience of compassion, emotional resilience, and brain integration (the heart of wellbeing). She has written curriculum for over 30 spiritual development classes and workshops and has taught over 100 classes and playshops on personal development.

Katherine is the author of two published books, Spiritual Doodles & Mental Leapfrogs (Red Wheel/Weiser), and CREATE! A Sketchbook and Journal (Chronicle Books). Her website is www.RicherLiving.org


Workshop Title: Put it in a nutshell! How to set up a short constellation anywhere

Would you like to be able to turn any conversation into a constellation? Would you enjoy exploring and sharing options for issues and decision making that don’t involve facilitating a full constellation? Whether you are a seasoned facilitator, or have a little training but often don’t have a chance to put into practice what you have learned, this workshop offers tools that simplify the basic principles of facilitating constellations.

If you are a therapist or health provider, nutshell constellations are a great way to help others make sense of their issues without even calling it a constellation.

I believe we as facilitators all share the common intention of bringing healing and resolution to others and ourselves.

Nutshell constellations work well if you want to offer more constellations in short time frame, or if you’re wanting to help a friend deepen their understanding of an issue.

Participants in this workshop will:

Gain a wider perspective for facilitating constellations, eg, using the imagination of the client

Take away tools to identify unconscious contracts (that we all carry) as an express route to disentanglement and wrapping the constellation quickly.

Learn to facilitate multiple constellations at the same time

Experience being in small breakout group constellations. These are useful for teachers, workshop facilitators, or for any healing groups.

Practice facilitating and/or representing in nutshell constellations

This workshop is experiential, so join us to play in the field.

Facilitate Online Constellations by Using the Whiteboard on Zoom (or Your Tablet)