Turkish Regional Chapter




DURATION: 120 min

The workshop will consist of three parts. In the first part, we will talk about the impact of the holographic picture of the hologramic effect created by the quantum field in the brain cells, on human consciousness. Participants will be informed about the unity consciousness, that every thought that passes through their minds is not their own and how they can manage this if they wish.

In the second part, we will discuss the effect of quantum entanglement on the client in systemic constellations and how it works in the person’s life through epigenetic transmission

In the last part, we will talk about the family tree and ancestral syndrome and how it can be connected with the pregnancy process of the mother and some possible ways of the life program of a person. Some case studies related to this topic will be shared.


Nermin Kurtarıcı & Kenan Kurtarıcı

Nermin and Kenan are a married couple. Nermin is a psychologist, systemic constellator and offers training on quantum healing. Kenan is a management consultant, quantum healer, and systemic constellator. Together they run their Institute called Mutlu Gelişim © (Happy Development) in Istanbul, where they offer consultancy for individuals, companies and organize trainings.

Serpil Ata

Serpil is a translator and systemic constellator. She is the founder of Lala Communication where she made her language skills in Turkish, English, and Spanish her profession and Roots Journey School that offers programs about Family&Organizational Constellations, workshops for the facilitators and organizes both national and international multidisciplinary seminars to bring more awareness and understanding in people’s lives.