Karin Schöber

Karin Schöber


Karin Schöber is a Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Coach. Living in Vienna / Austria. She specialises in Systemic Constellations: Family and Structures. She is also a SE-, ISP- and hypnosystemic Trauma therapist.

Karin has been teaching in Austria, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium,Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay

Workshop title:  Working with trauma in constellations

SE-Somatic experiencing, ISP- Integral Somatic Psychology and Hypnosystemic Traumawork enrich and deepen Constellations in a pycho-sensoric way.

In this workshop we are dealing with consciousness and body awareness in order to find more balance between our individual authenticity and our belonging.

Sensing, feeling, recognizing, we want to extend resilience for integration and differentiation.

Distiguishing restricting patterns and inprints from our own inner being we introduce flow and encourage self-regulation.

Demo/ small formats for practice:

Passing on: + a dialogic- systemic-process orientated therapeutic attitude

+ mindfulness in meeting yourself and others

+ accentuation of resource-orientation through body awareness.