Latin American Regional Chapter

Preservando la diversidad de tus raíces perteneciendo a un mundo globalizado.

Preserving the diversity of your roots while belonging to a globalized world.


This workshop will offer a reflection upon the uniqueness of our diversity and how we see ourselves merging with others in a global community without loosing our individuality. We will ponder upon this matters as to the forms of belonging together, whether we merge and loose ourselves as in a melting pot or as to how much it is possible to preserve the diversity of our heritage and yet be together, like with the image of a quilt. We will have an opportunity for sharing about such themes but also do a constellation that may show us how each one is faring in the global community. Through dialogue, reflection and meditation, Alexandra and Amdal will lead us to thrive together in this adventure.

Rafael Ruiz has facilitated Constellations since 2003 and has been training constellations in Queretaro, Mexico and in Guatemala since 2011. He trained with Carola Diduche in Queretaro, Mexico, with Bert Hellinger at more than 7 intensive seminars in Mexico City and with Francesca Mason Boring in Maryland. He is a clinical psychologist trained in Psychoanalysis, Gestalt and other psychotherapeutic schools. He is retired professor of psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro where he taught for 30 years. Recently he dedicates himself to his private psychotherapeutic practice, offers constellation workshops in Queretaro and travels in other parts of Mexico, North America (Including Canada), Central and South America.

Alexandra Finkelstein has trained in family constellations in Queretaro México, with Rafael Ruiz – Amdal. She trained twice with Bert and Sophie Hellinger in México City and Can Cun Mexico. She has participated in West Coast Intensive Constellation and NASC Conference in USA during the last years. She has been an ISCA member for a couple of years and is presently an ISCA board member. She has trained and continues training in Social Collective Trauma with Dr. Anngwyn St. Just in Mexico and Argentina. Alexandra has been active in the field of health and healling for 20 years, offering a diverse range of holistic therapies for balance and wellbeing. Her search for understanding of life and its diverse forms of relation has moved her to seek different paths of knowledge in the understanding of humanity’s search for care and belonging.