Contracts against Belonging: Leveraging Relational Neuroscience in Our Constellation Work.

Do you ever have a sense of not mattering? Or are your clients sometimes unsure if they exist? Is there an unending search for home or tribe? Are they willing to accept the gift of this life? And what do we do when they can’t accept this gift? What do we do when we ourselves are ambivalent about the gift of life, especially now, in today’s world?

This can be one of the most frightening situations to work with. When we don’t know that we belong, we by definition cannot be our emergent selves. The safety which comes from belonging is the birthright of every being, and it settles our bodies, our immune systems, our brains, and our beings. It lets us discover our passions and our life’s purpose. When we are familiar with the neurobiology of relationship, we can leverage the science of our nervous systems in connection with other humans within our constellation work to restore a deep sense of belonging to the planet and to our world.

In this workshop, participants will:

Take away an understanding of the impact of inclusion and exclusion on our nervous systems

Discover the initial dance of spirit and cells which leads to foundational belonging

Explore unconscious contracts we have not to belong or not to matter

Learn skills and techniques to support the return of belonging