Each client brings a lifetime of experience: What to work with first for optimal results.

From a Family Constellations perspective, there is so much to consider when we work with our clients. With certain clients, there are a number of different directions we could move towards especially as we reflect upon – the trainings that we have experienced, the wide variety of books we’ve read on the topic, decades of observations in the field, the client’s present challenge, the client’s early life experiences along with the inter-generational influences from their family.

With every issue there are a number of different influencing factors as to the origins, how they affect your client’s life and best practices for resolution.  Clients book an appointment with you with a pressing issue in mind. When you can listen to the words they use to describe their current challenges, they offer you everything you need to access the root cause of their life challenges.

In this experiential workshop:

  • Discover how to use the words your client uses to describe the problem as a guide towards the big-picture solution.
  • Learn to recognize key distinctions that guide you in knowing exactly where to begin when working with your clients for the greatest impact and results
  • Why it is essential to create the foundation for healing by focusing the resolution you offer with one of the most overlooked dynamics that support your client’s well being
  • Uncover your client’s most pressing problems – even when they can’t identify why they are stuck
  • Bridge all that you’ve learned with your ability to support your clients with inclusive solutions that often traditional therapeutic styles may overlook.