Akashic Constellations: Working with the Akashic records

All the knowledge of who we are and what we have been through (in this incarnation and in previous incarnations) is in our Akashic Records.

We are today in an era of change, an era of conscious choice.

We do not have to walk the same path that we are walking just because we are walking it.

We can choose to make a change.

To change the path.

To change our karma.

Just as suffering is a choice, a life without suffering is also a choice.

The Akashic Records, through working with our Innate, enable us to alter our internal programming, essence, energies and beliefs, and take from our own spirit history the knowledge that will support us here and now, and heal and change the knowledge that hinders and harms us.

The work with the Akashic Records, with previous incarnations and with our Innate, enables us to produce movement within the spirit journey in the “here and now” and instigates healing and change in the energies of the past that we carry with us into this incarnation, the physical body and life in here and now.

In this workshop we will work with the issue of belonging from the energetic space of the Records and the Innate, and connect to the spirit history that makes us feel connected to or disconnected in our current incarnation.