The feminine principle in organisations. Present movements towards claiming its belonging.

(Language: English and Spanish).


Responding to an evolutionary force that is bringing forward the feminine quality in a bigger movement towards reconciliation and wholeness, in this workshop we will explore how that feminine principle looks or presents itself in organizations and which barriers may be threatening its belonging, eclipsing its force to shine.

With a short presentation I will first explain the arquetypes of the feminine and the masculine through a Jungian perspective, followed by examples of how I have already seen in constellations the feminine principle claiming its right place in organizations. We will cover topics such as self-organization, teal organizations, startups, etc. I will also refer to typical misconceptions of the feminine and the masculine that has culturally shaped us leading to polarization and separation, pain and judgement.

Later we will do a group constellation to explore, in a particular case in an organization (or a societal constellation), which obstacles (if any) may the feminine be facing that threatens its belonging.