Family constellations – the masks that we wear

We all have the basic need for belonging. This is part of our biological survival mechanism, we depend on each other to move forward and survive. That is why one of the most common fears everyone has is the fear of not belonging. The fear of not being wanted, the fear of not being accepted, fear of not being loved, the fear of rejection, hidden behind the fear of exposing the authentic self. That is why we wear different masks throughout our lives to adapt ourselves to the systems that we are part of.

The masks that we wear during our life have important and healthy roles for us in some cases such as situations in which we adapt ourselves to society by politeness and refinement of our expression with others. It is a social skill that benefits us in communicating with the surrounding.

However, in some cases, there are situations that the masks interrupted to the regular process properly conducting in our lives, keeping us away from ourselves in such a way that what we invite to our lives will not meet our true and natural needs, and in this way life is much more challenging.

Much of the development of the false self, the mask, develops when we are young children. It depends, among other things, on the way we can express ourselves and our feelings of idleness in front of our mother. When the mother cannot contain the child’s emotions and allow him sacred space and healthy support, that child will pay attention to the needs of his parents and the environment and ignore himself, out of the survivalist desire to protect himself and allow him to continue to survive in the world. Another part of the mask develops under different circumstances during life, especially in situations where the fear arises that we will not accept us as we are and then there is a chance that we will be abandoned and not loved. This fear is a deep fear in all human beings, since we all have the desire to have personal relationships with other individuals, belonging to the system, and to something bigger. We are all born as social beings and in many ways we depend on each other to survive.

The representation of the mask I developed with a need that came up time after time In front of moderated and patients, to observe at the places where we do not fulfill our fully potential, when we afraid to tell our spouse or family member what I really feel inside, out of fear that by saying these things they will cut off contact with me. When questions came up, such as: why do I ever pull the same lessons time after time? What I cannot perceive? What am I missing? Who really am I?

In the workshop “Family constellation- the masks that we wear”, we will experiment with the exciting process of meeting the mask, We will expand on the topic of masks from all kinds of interesting angles, And a special “secret mask” session.