Soul transformation in systemic constellation training

Which are the changes that occur in systemic constellations, for the clients who seek this help?

How can we describe the soul transformation, or the structure change of our psyche, that we perceive and experience through ongoing systemic constellation work?

In this workshop I will address these questions by presenting some aspects of a research work I have been doing, accompanying 23 systemic constellation facilitator students from 2018 to 2020.

I will present some simple forms of research work that everyone who offers a systemic constellation workshop can apply.

I also want to raise the question, is this form of research work even the right way for us who work with the field? What is our intention doing this the way that other schools of therapy work do it.

To this objective I will briefly refer to my experiences of research work in homeopathy and how that worked out. I regard that field as to some extent similar to research work in systemic constellation work.

Research work aims at convincing people by plausible reasons.

But how do we address people who do not wish to be convinced?

Maybe we do a short breakout room session to get to know people who can ´t relate to systemic work, and to people who oppose systemic work.