Somatic experience and constellations

The family constellations by Bert Hellinger could deeply affect inner personal experience as well as relationships. Although acknowledging what is, unburdening oneself from loads of our loved ones and reevaluating trauma experiences could help to find better place in our belongings, some people could hesitated to go deeper into constellation course due to distrust into oneself and others. It is especially the case with traumatized clients. Using physical touch during constellation could encourage client’s reliance on the process, his/her trust in facilitator’s commitment and more profound contact with himself/herself. As memories of the trauma experience are frequently embedded into chronic muscle tensions, the right touch of the client could also enable him/her better to connect to the trauma.

The workshop aims to demonstrate the value of using physical touch during the facilitation of systemic constellation and improve participants’ skills in doing so.

In the first part of the workshop several exercises would be performed to widen understanding of using the touch, deepen touching awareness and improve touching skills. The facilitator’s touch should be careful, clear, firm but tender, and guided by the field as much us all other movements during the constellation. It should be applied with close monitoring of breathing and other client’s reactions. Also, is some situations the client could be encouraged to relay on facilitator’s hand or shoulder to experience physically that there is a hold up.

In the second part of the workshop the participant will be encouraged to practice touch while facilitate mini–constellations in parallel groups. As the central strength for positive change in constellation could be frequently found in the individual, family and big soul, the positions in mini–constellation would be: the facilitator, the participant, the participant’s soul, and the participant’s most salient fear or worry.

At the end the discussion will be opened regarding the participants’ experience in touching and parallel application of systemic constellation and touch therapy that would help release of trauma memories from muscles and thus better inner feeling an energy boost.