Sense of belonging: A core condition for societal transformation

*Sense of belonging – a core condition for societal transformation*

In this two-hour experiential workshop, we will explore how systemic constellations can be used meaningfully in societal transformation and why a sense of belonging is important when we work with more complex systems. We will introduce belonging from the perspective of Bert Hellinger and “the order of love” where the right of belonging is named as the first principle. We also will share an approach to societal transformation work we have developed at Collective Transitions, called the four spheres. The first sphere begins with the right relationship with land and place.

We understand belonging as being informed through our foundational relationship with land, place and the natural world. This relationship to our natural world can inform a system. We believe that when this relationship is better understood, it can be a potent resource and point of orientation for navigating complex situations and dynamics.

During the workshop, we will experience and practice a systemic constellation together as a community, with a specific focus on belonging. To prepare for this experience together, we will first briefly introduce the practice of systemic constellations.

The community will have an opportunity to offer a case ahead of time. During the workshop, we will present the case, the question and the elements before we begin. Any audience members that feel comfortable representing an element of this particular system will have an opportunity to participate in the constellation. Other audience members are invited to participate as the role of a witness and holding space. For audience members that are newer to the work of Systemic Constellation we will walk through a few basics regarding roles and how representation works before we dive into the Systemic Constellation.

After the constellation, we aim to have space for questions and reflections around the topic of belonging and how it played out.

Invitation for a case for the workshop of “Sense of belonging – a core condition for societal transformation”

During the upcoming ISCA 2021 conference we will be hosting an experiential workshop where we will explore how systemic constellations can be used meaningfully in societal transformation and why a sense of belonging is important when we work with more complex systems.

For this workshop we invite you to submit a case related to a social or systemic change project that experiences a current challenge, which is connected to the topic of belonging in one or another way.

Do you struggle within your work, organisation, initiative or community with a dynamic that is connected to a disrupted sense of belonging of one or several members or groups of this field?

Do you sit with a sense of stuckness or unease, and would like to better understand from a systemic and knowing field perspective what a meaningful next step could be at this stage?

If you resonate with these questions, we welcome you to contact us (Collective Transitions) at hello @ with a short description of the topic and challenge.

Once selected, we will have a preliminary call together  to clarify the context,craft the calling question and decide which elements  will be represented during the Systemic Constellation.

The key requirements for a case include:

  • The case giver is an active member of that systems or has received the permission to speak on behalf of the involved parties
  • There is a challenge and wish to find more ease in a current situation in a social sector or organizational context.
  • The whole process will be held confidential besides the workshop session during the conference of ISCA 2021