Honouring the Angel of Death

The workshop is aimed at helping participants face their quarrels with death and find new paths to relate with painful death experiences from the past, including frozen mourning. Overcoming the fear of death involves acknowledging the transcendent forces which are vehicles for individual destinies. Being able to take and bless what is, including the role of death, will result in a healthier relationship to life.

Based on the above premises, the workshop will work with 4 simple steps to prepare for death which can also serve for aiding those who are dying:

1. Revising present life. Through constellation work the participants with represent their immediate past with its inherited destiny in order to honor and acknowledge what has been and what is. Healing can come through honoring those ancestors and loved one that died in a painful way, leaving dolorous experience for those that were left.

2. Repairing. Dealing with what needs to be repaired and accepting what cannot be changed will liberate from past expectations. Representing destiny in order to honor it will help in taking what is and liberate the present for fuller living.

3. Reconciliation with broken relationships by assuming the price paid for our misgiving and assuming the consequent guilt may bring peace in our preparation for death.

4. Overcoming fear of death. Fear of death may be inevitable for many but when we can honor death, and the love that binds to the living and the dead, persons can achieve a less turbulent passage for accepting death Becoming conscious of the systemic bonds with the greater collectives where we belong may also bring us to the understanding that life and death are only different forms of belonging.

The workshop will propose various constellating exercises where the participants can experience the possibilities of transcending their fear of death, and their misgivings with death, through honoring destiny, death and what has been, to acknowledge what is. Doing constellations with each step of preparation for death will lead them through them into gaining gratitude for life as it is given, and for the path ahead.

Representatives: First knowledge of death, First being that died in our lives, Dead relative. Destiny, The Angel of Death