SHADES of Life

Conversations in the public domain around Examining Whiteness, the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID pandemic, have highlighted the inequalities between peoples, communities and cultures.¬† And they have raised a number of questions for us as constellations practitioners, how to…..

  • create an emerging future of constellations work that explores colour dynamics in a respectful way?
  • find language¬†to explore differences, without feeling fearful or wondering if others are taking offence?
  • have uncomfortable conversations and take action comfortably?

My workshop looks at these themes through SHADES of Life, an approach that I am developing in different forums. I will share my journey of learning and facilitating constellations over the past 10 years and discuss the blocks and barriers that can stop some communities from utilising the constellations method. And I will share examples and demo how I am using a SHADES approach to create a safe space for looking at personal and professional issues.