Exploring Ancestral Constellations

My workshop seeks to explore systemic identity and ancestral belonging from an African Diaspora perspective. UK born, of South American, African Caribbean heritage, these themes are never far away from both my personal and professional life. And within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has recently emerged from the shadows into the full gaze of a global pandemic, it feels timely.

After a decade of systemic constellations learning and training, it is clear that there are gaps in knowledge and resources for systemic and family constellation practitioners, ’all of we’ that are interested in Transgenerational Black Lives. The inequality and social justice issues that are being discussed in the public domain, raise questions about transgenerational health and wellbeing. And I believe that the systemic constellations field has much to offer Black and Brown communities, but they have been slow to find their way to this powerful healing modality.

In exploring these questions with clients over many years, I have remained open to adapting my approach to better serve the communities that I work with. During this workshop I will share ideas and the thinking behind the development of Ancestral constellations as an African orientated psychological systemic practice. It will be an emergent session, not so much ‘how too,’ but more a look at ‘what is’!

These conversations are often difficult to hold in public spaces, divisions run deep. I hope to share learnings from other practitioners who are exploring similar issues and the intention is to create a safe space for open conversation and dialogue. I will discuss the blocks and barriers that can stop some communities from utilising the constellations method. And I will share examples of how I am seeking to overcome these in my therapeutic practice.