Constellations online – an interactive workshop for online constellations (additional)

On site constellation formats – regardless of the school of thought – are currently only applicable to a very limited extent, if at all. A so far completely underestimated setting is thriving more and more in constellation work: the online constellation.

Many forms of online-constellations are good to usable but there is a tool that is excellently suited for online work. The online-constellation-board is an intuitive constellation tool that is easy to learn and can be used for all areas of constellation work and all fields of application. From one-to-one setting in coaching and counselling to simultaneous use in team development. The beauty of this setting is, that it picks up all the advantages of location-independence of all participants.

In this interactive workshop you will experience how to do constellations online. We will highlight both the technical and organizational requirements. We talk about handling of the tools, helpful interventions and give useful hints for your daily practice.