Conception: Each of us is accompanied by our tribe and tribal energies.

Each person belongs to their Tribe. Or rather, to both families: on the paternal and the maternal side. Even if the child did not know their parent and does not remember him/her since childhood, the child belongs to their parental and patrimonial system.From the moment of conception to the last second of existence, each of us is accompanied by our tribe and tribal energies.

Over the years, specialists in assisting professions have been exploring the root causes in the formation of scenarios, imprints and patterns of person’s behavior.

Among the key moments that will determine our future personality are the conception, the prenatal period, the birth process and the cutting of the umbilical cord. The injuries, energies, and conditions that occurred at those important points have a profound effect on who we are.

The moment of our conception is the starting point in the formation of patterns that determine the future of an individual. The first body cell (zygote) is the most informative cell which initially contains all the information available about the unborn child. It is this very cell that combines all the information from the two patrimonial systems to which the father and the mother of the child belong. Traits of character, patterns of behavior, entanglements, liability to certain disease – all of these are already in there.

Since the beginning of time, in all traditions the knowledge about the sacredness of conception has been passed on. This knowledge taught us how to prepare for this process physically and emotionally, how to create special space, and how to calculate the best calendar day.

The science of epigenetics demonstrates that trauma at the time of conception and the prenatal period creates a biological and informational change in the cell that can affect many generations, creating physical and emotional change in children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

Today, new methods of work in the field of psychology are emerging, allowing to rewrite primary injuries and imprints.In our master class, we will plunge into the practice of the re – conception through constellations method. This will give us the opportunity to review and harmonize the history of our conception and formation, rewrite the blockages and beliefs of our parents, synchronize their energies, create a new experience of harmonious conception