Development of trauma dynamics at different stages and cycles of life

Workshop title:  “Development of trauma dynamics at different stages and cycles of life”

Language: English

Duration : 60 minutes

Each person belongs to their Tribe. Or rather, to both families: on the paternal and the maternal side.

Even if a child did not know their parents or does not remember them, he or she still belongs to their family system.

From the moment of conception to the last second of existence, each of us is accompanied by our tribe and tribal energies.

Working with the family systems, we can see that early childhood trauma often reflects a trauma suffered in previous generations of the family, and takes its toll later, manifesting itself in different spheres of life.

The development of a person is cyclical.

Year after year, we can relive one and the same situation at different levels of perception, as did previous generations in our family system.

At the workshop, I will be sharing a constellation exercise that has received a lot of great feedback from the clients.

In this practice, we’ll take our request from the very point of conception to the last minute of life, and we’ll see it manifesting itself and transforming at every stage of life.

For the workshop you will need floor anchors or playmobils.