Coaching self-organising teams in organisations in transition.

In my practice I use different types of constellations with the teams and with management around the teams such as:- Team CV constellations – Team goal constellations – Universal sources constellations – Stakeholder analysis constellations I discuss the dynamics in and around the team with the team, asking systemic questions. I have encountered dynamics such as contaminated places, historical trauma, imbalance in exchange, lack of acknowledgement for the biggest money generating team, team members not pulling their weight, team members pulling too much weight and even interrupted reaching out movements by a team. I work with individual team members, e.g. when someone has ended up in a contaminated place or when there are personal questions.
During the workshop I would like to explain what I do, using examples from my practice, showing what the constellations above are about with participants as representatives. I also use floor anchors to represent elements. I will invite the participants of the workshop to share their experiences as much as talk about my experiences. When there are questions from participants we can decide to use those in a constellation to clarify my approach. I envision this to be a discussion and co-creation rather than just me sending.