Belonging to Life as assurance of connection: shamanic, spiritual and quantum biology point of view

Are we searching sources and points of connection in constellations or problems and points of disconnection?
There is one granted, always present, source of connection. It comes from sexual energy, essential Life force and our unique place in life on the planet. We come through our parents to the life and all cells in our bodies remember this fact. They have this essential memory of connection with parents, flow of Life, the Essence.
We are never alone and disconnected. It is not possible, because there is always presence of stream of Love, power and support of our parents and ancestors in our bodies, in our DNA, and also in our mind and soul. We belong to family, to humanity, to the Earth, to the Life while we breath.

Shamans tell and dance all stories of Life, stories about joy, love, courage, strength and success and also about fear, cowardice, hate, pain and betrayal. All stories have place in Life. They don´t say: “This is a good story and this is a bad story. This a good or bad family and life.” They are only interested and see how and which way Life is flowing. This is where part of their power comes from. We have the same access if we want to.