Luea Ritter

Luea Ritter


Luea Ritter is a process steward, action researcher, coach and systemic constellation facilitator.i

Luea thrives within ambiguity and complexity, and through a diverse medley of fields has developed a high sensitivity for context-based cultural and social dynamics. Her work internationally and across diverse sectors weaves transformative change processes, trauma and healing work, leadership, and earth-based wisdom traditions.

She is co-founder and creative steward of Collective Transitions, an action-learning and research organization dedicated to building shared capacity for fostering and maintaining transformational shifts.

She serves as a co-founder,  steering team and practice&research circle member of the Nile Journeys, a platform for transboundary dialogue and regenerative collaboration in the Nile Basin.

In Switzerland she supports collaboratio helvetica, an initiative that catalyses systemic change towards societal transformation by cultivating a cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem, running different capacity-building programs and open knowledge sharing.

In her cutting-edge research-to-innovation PhD Process for Holistic Development with the Geneva-based TRANS4M Center for Integral Development, she focuses on social fields and the building and maintaining of coherence.

Workshop Title:  Sense of belonging: A core condition for societal transformation.

Sense of belonging: A core condition for societal transformation

In this two hour experiential workshop, we will explore how systemic constellations can be used meaningfully in societal transformation and why a sense of belonging is important when we work with more complex systems. We will introduce belonging from the perspective of Bert Hellinger and “the order of love” where the right of belonging is […]