Emerson Bastos

Emerson Bastos

UK / Brazil

Emerson Bastos is a registered Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK and Constellations Facilitator trained at the CSC. He gained a degree in Physical Education when he was still living in Brazil, his birth place. Since 1987 he has been living in London.

His experience with constellation work started in 2004. His main interest is in finding, the source, the ‘cause’. ‘Where the energy is not flowing’, ‘where the stuckness is’ and support the possibility for its release. He has combined the constellation approach with the five elements theory from Oriental Medicine and has been running Five Elements Constellation workshops since 2011, both in the UK and abroad. He is currently undergoing MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy training at the Gestalt Centre in London.

Workshop title:  Five Elements Constellations workshop. Individuality and Belonging – our greatest struggle

The 5 Elements Constellation is an innovative work combining the 5 elements theory from Oriental Medicine and constellation work of Bert Hellinger. Constellating the Five Elements is a complementary approach that reveals, informs and orients both clients and facilitators as to what is happening, i.e. if the main issue of the moment is related to mother or father side or which side of the ancestral lines, or if this is of more of a personal nature in relation. Where interventions might be more effectively directed, more clearly getting to the core of the issue.

This combination is intrapsychic and diagnostic that reflects the often very challenging balance between being a unique individual in the world and our belonging. Being part of our system of origin and many other systems. This approach orients and supports the acknowledgment and honouring of our uniqueness and belonging and sense of belonging. Another way of saying this is, how we, in our unique ways, are self-regulating and adapting to the ever changing outer environment, including our greater context of personal history and how we, at this moment in time, are relating to our parents and ancestry, be it with awareness or out of awareness.

In this work the elements represent five aspects of the Self. Each of the 5 elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire have many associations and significance. Additionally to the elements, there are the Creative and Supportive cycles that help and support the promotion of health and harmony, in a way similarly to the ‘Orders of Love’ from Bert Hellinger. When these two cycles are affected or disrupted these lead to internal dynamics that support ways of being, issues, and patterns that weigh us down or holds us back. Constellating the elements allows us to reveal the inner and ‘hidden’ dynamics internalised earlier in life or that we unconsciously got entangled in from our system of origin, parents and ancestors events or situations.

Many, maybe even most problems we have in life, are often times symptoms of these unconsciously internalised dynamics. Dynamics that thus far have had an influence or hold on us and have been making life more complicated, difficult or confusing. Constellating the 5 elements allows these inner dynamics to be seen and help us to be

aware of them. This process is insightful, diagnostic, and expands the person’s view of pertinent life issues. From this new expanded awareness the work progresses towards a more harmonious, strengthening way of being. By seeing the deeper reality beneath presenting problems is enlightening, hugely relieving and creates real movement. When these movements are supported and happen, we are more integrated, congruent and calm. These help us gather more of ourselves and our resources, easing our way forward in life. This approach supports us experience life with a greater level of harmony with ourselves and with everything and everyone who is important to us.

Constellation facilitators, students and everyone interested in expanding their experience of constellation work is invited to come and experience Five Elements Constellations and some of the complexities and potential uses in therapeutic work. There will be time dedicated to the constellation of the Five Elements and discussion of the theoretical underpinnings.

Thursday afternoon Session 3 (Rooms C / D)